Does Your House Love You?

HomeHow do you know when you are loved? We all know the things that make us feel we are cared for, right? Chances are we choose to spend more time with the people who most make us feel this way. So, what about your house? Does your house love you? Now more than ever people spend more time in their houses than they ever have. One would hope that this time spent would be with a level of comfort and peace that comes from living in a home that is good to you, and your family. So again, does your house love you? Maybe the best way to answer the question is to ask a few more questions.

homeIs your house too big? So often houses are built beyond human-scale; brassy and loud their soaring ceilings are far from you, devouring the warmth within, and excessive square footage robs you of resources trying to maintain a comfortable climate year-round. Do you feel alone even when you are not? Sky-high peaks and overall mass eliminate any possibility for you to self-sustain, thus further depleting resources in the form of contractor fees for what ought to be basic maintenance and upkeep. The ability to have an outbuilding on your property for hobbies and crafts can also be negatively affected by the size of your house considering typical limits on percentage of building lot coverage.

homeDoes your house make you smile? As your eye scans the scene pulling up the drive does it make you happy? Today we can see there’s been a significant shift in house design which has been detrimental in terms of lasting appeal. Many houses are being designed from the inside out where one is often left with an obscure form – a face without character and lacking true beauty. Synthetic materials, unproven over time, are cold and lifeless, only growing more so year after year.

homeDoes your house have a heart? This might be the most important question, after all, to love one must have a heart. We are drawn to the heart. This is where our basic need to gather is fulfilled, where we bond and find security. Is there such a place in your house – such a heart? The chunky red brick chimney, centrally located on all our Early New England Homes, is evidence of the heart within. A large walk-in fireplace softly invites all who enter toward its hearth, the heart of the home.  Here we find warmth, we share stories, we share time, we find love. Traditionally lower ceilings feel like a gentle hug and the massive, exposed summer beams and ceiling joists are warm, almost alive! Inspired by authentic 18th Century homes throughout the New England countryside, our homes reward with a sense of pride and appreciation for the heartfelt human values of simplicity, efficiency, and modesty.

We still believe that your home should add essential value to your daily life, that you should love your home, and that your home should love you back. We are Early New England Homes. Contact us at (860) 643-1148.

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