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Building a Home Kit

home kitWithout a doubt, the Do-It-Yourself revolution is here. Just about anything imaginable can be purchased as pre-manufactured kit, ready for assembly. Yes, even houses. Since the early 20th Century, Home Kits have been available precut, and in some cases partially fabricated, ready for assembly on your property. Big or small, contemporary or traditional, Home Kits are an intriguing alternative for home buyers today.

If you’ve been planning to build your own home or have one built, there are some pros and cons of Home Kits to consider. Let’s first look at some advantages. Typically Home Kits are cheaper to build than one-off contractor builds and some can even be less expensive than modular homes for sale. Another significant advantage of Home Kits is that you can decide how involved you want to be in the home building process. In the case of panelized (partially pre-assembled) Home Kits, build time on site can be greatly reduced.

home kitsA disadvantage to working with a Home Kit is that the lack of common standards can be confusing, and without the right amount of research you may end up not getting what you thought you were paying for. Another drawback is that unless you have experience in plumbing and electricity and other trades you will need to find separate contractors for this work. However, this potential headache is easily solved by working with a general contractor to manage your project and subcontractors to whatever degree is mutually agreed upon.

When researching Home Kit companies you may hear different terms to describe the products being sold. Be sure you understand what is and what is not included with each kit. To determine the reliability of a Home Kit manufacturer first look how long they’ve been in business. Ask for references. Your manufacturer should also be able to supply you with a list of experienced builders in your area. One of the most important considerations of your Home Kit company is the quality of their support package. Assembly instructions may be in written form, video, or a combination of both.

Be sure you and/ or your builder thoroughly review the assembly instructions provided before commencing any work and ensure phone support from the supplier will be available as needed. The Home Kit company may also offer labor options to kickstart the project.

While building a kit home takes careful planning and thought, the satisfaction from being a part of the project far outweighs the elbow grease it takes to get there. The finished product is a home you will love and feel extremely proud of. We are Early New England Homes. Contact us at (860) 643-1148.


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