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Early New England Homes

Early New England Homes (ENEH) post and beam homes are fashioned after 18th Century houses that are found throughout New England. We strive to use sustainable materials and advocate economy of scale, designing living spaces that are practical and suited to the owners’ needs.  more about us…



Visit Our Model

The quality of our construction speaks for itself. By visiting our model home, you’ll have the chance to get answers to your most pressing questions, along with the time to explore all the details of a fully-furnished Early New England Home. Take the video tour for a preview of what the interior of an authentic ENEH Large Cape looks like.

The Process

An overview of our building process providing useful information for both customers and builders. read more


Answers to questions you may have about the building process, materials, options and/or customization. read more

Our Brochure

Download our brochure to read more about Early New England Homes and our building process. download brochure here




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