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Much of what’s important in life can be found right at home, and that is why finding the right home is so important. If you are considering building a house, you owe it to yourself to sit down and honestly evaluate what you want your home to do for you. Simply by designing living spaces that build on the wisdom and experience of past generations, Early New England Homes has rediscovered just how much value a home can add to your life. Families raising children, empty nesters looking for their own retreat, or even grandparents will find that an Early New England Home is where their heart is.

Roger Barrett Sr. had a vision to build a company that would somehow preserve New England’s rich colonial heritage for future generations to experience and enjoy. The year was 1974, and Roger Sr. indeed began to build, quite literally! Together with his wife, Lois, and son, Roger Jr., he started working in his backyard taking salvaged old New England barns and building beautiful post and beam homes. Roger’s love of old barns eventually changed his path as he began to focus on creating a company specializing in barns and carriage houses. It was important to Roger that these buildings exhibit the charm and style of colonial New England, thus fulfilling his original vision. Working with their son, Roger Jr., the Barretts began to offer New England style post and beam barns and carriage houses in fully engineered. Many years have passed since those early days in Roger Sr.’s backyard. Roger Jr. now heads up our team of over 30 employees and craftsmen with his son, Roger III at his side. The original vision still continues today with the introduction of Early New England Homes by Country Carpenters.

Roger and Lois Barrett
Roger Barrett Sr. and his wife, Lois, pictured in front of the original Country Carpenters workshop.
Fred Brehant
Fred Brehant Jr. working in the shop.

In the early 1900s, a family tradition of blacksmithing was started that still continues today at Country Carpenters. Fred Brehant served as the blacksmith for the Town of Hebron in those days, and he passed his trade on to his son. Serving as our very own village blacksmith, Fred Brehant Jr. truly embodies the Early American spirit. He proudly carries on his family heritage, as well as the traditions and craftsmanship of past generations as he continues to hand forge hardware for Country Carpenters and Early New England Homes. His son, Fred III, and his granddaughters, also practice the family tradition for future generations to enjoy.

Centuries ago, when English settlers first began making their homes in the Northeast colonies, they often built compact homes that were easy to heat and stood up to harsh weather. The style of home, dubbed the Cape Cod, featured a central chimney, a steep pitched roof for shedding snow, and cozy rooms with exposed timbers overhead. Almost four decades ago, Country Carpenters launched with a vision to preserve this colonial aestetic. “We began to offer New England style post-and-beam pre-cut barn kits,” says Roger Barrett Jr., owner of Country Carpenters. “The barns captured the flavor now lost in lots of today’s buildings.” The company’s vision led to the introduction of Early New England Homes by Country Carpenters.

A look at the history of home ownership shows a natural connection that developed between a home and its inhabitants when the early New England colonists first experienced the opportunity of owning their own property, building their own house and working hard to make that house a home. Those colonists were rewarded with a sense of pride and appreciation of simplicity, efficiency, and modesty. ENEH believes that these values are forever preserved in the architecture of the period.

ENEH specializes in building authentic Cape Cod, Saltbox, Gambrel, and Colonial style homes. The designs are based on 250 year-old homes that still dot the New England landscape today. Early New England Homes works closely with local builders to recreate these beautiful styles but with all the amenities of modern homes and fully customized to fit each client’s unique needs.

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Since 1974, Country Carpenters has been perfecting the art of New England style barns. Each engineered to maintain the structural and architectural integrity of it’s historical inspiration, these barns meet the lifestyle needs of owners today. Therefore, every Early New England Home by Country Carpenters carries their reputation for quality construction and customer satisfaction.

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